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McANA serves Neighborhood Organizations throughout Indianapolis and Marion County.  Founded in 1990, we try to faithfully voice the concerns and aspirations of residents in how Indianapolis grows and how it is governed.   Through this website, we hope to communicate with our members and the entire community.  We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to better provide you with the information you need to make your Neighborhood a better place to live.

The Steering Committee has suggested the following language for amending Prop 250:
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Click here to view Open Letter to Metro & Econ Devel Committee

Click here to view the coalition's information booklet "Prop 250 - A Bad Deal For Indy"

Council Proposal 250, which, if implemented, would allow digital billboards in Marion County, returns to hearing before the Metropolitan & Economic Development Committee on May 18 - 5:30 pm, room 260 City County Building.

Contact your District Councillor and the members of the MEDC with your opinions.  Bulk email address (cut and paste into the "To:" line of your email program) :,

'Like' Scenic Indy for updates on Prop 250 :

Find out what changes to our zoning ordinances are being proposed: IndyRezone

Tired of IPL's tree trimming practices? 

Join the Indiana Tree Alliance and take a quick look around their new website:  From there you can get the latest news, make quick work of contacting your Legislators about the matter (write a letter, save a tree campaign), and make a donation to the cause.

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*McANA Members Meeting --  Saturday, March 18 -- 9 am to 11 am

1) Dr. Virginia Caine - Director, Marion County Health Department

We are honored that Dr. Caine will be joining us to discuss the Marion County Health Department and how it impacts and serves the neighborhoods of Marion County.

2) UPDATE ON THE FIGHT AGAINST PROPOSAL 250 (to permit digital billboards in Marion County)

REMEMBER TO SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION TO STOP PROPOSAL 250 to allow digital billboards in Marion County - the petition is at


Please remember to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the food pantry at North United Methodist

Let your City County Councillors and Mayor's Neighborhood Liaison's know how much we appreciate Channel 16 covering the MCANA meetings

*McANA Board Meeting --  Wednesday, Februay 4 -- 6:30 pm -- North United Methodist Church (38th & Meridian)
The Board meets quarterly. 

***If you have a topic you would like to see addressed at one of our Members Meetings, please send the idea along to Cathy Burton ( , McANA's President.

For a list of Officers, Directors and Committee Chairmen, click here.

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