Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations

McANA is an umbrella organization encompassing Neighborhood Associations throughout Marion County, IN.  We formulate positions on public policy and represent our membership at government meetings at the City, County and State levels.


McANA was formed in 1990 and continues to grow in membership and influence.


McANA has been a active participant in drafting several City Ordinances, including those on signage, tree preservation, commitments and cell towers


McANA officers and directors serve on numerous boards and committees, both in and out of government,  giving Neighborhood representation in policy and advisory capacities.


McANA provides direction and counsel to Neighborhoods in zoning and variance issues



McANA wants your organization to join with us.  Together we will have a powerful voice for Neighborhoods in Marion County and continue to have a very real impact on improving the Quality of Life in Indianapolis.


Look over our website... come to some of our meetings... and let us know what you want to accomplish for Marion County's Neighborhoods.

It is McANA's Mission to:


Represent neighborhood perspectives and advocate on public policy issues.


Provide a forum for discussion on neighborhood issues.


Provide information and guidance to neighborhoods.


Advocate land use that is appropriate and enhances the community.


Promote, protect and monitor neighborhood interests.


Support and empower neighborhood organizations.


Advocate for the broader community interest, in addition to the interest of the local neighborhood.

We envision the revitalization of community and public life in Marion County, and we believe in the vital role which neighborhoods should necessarily play in shaping a livable and sustainable community.


We hope to realize and maintain a city which is notable by its "sense of place and community".  We envision neighborhoods which are protected from the intrusion of inappropriate uses.


We envision a public process for policy making which is deliberative, civil, respectful, accountable, responsive and truly open to all who desire to participate.  We expect a process which empowers and encourages citizens and neighborhoods to actively participate.


We envision a government which respects the non-fiscal attributes of city -- including its natural resources, open spaces, green space, trees and other important elements of the physical environment, which enhance the neighborhood quality of life.

click here for McANA's Membership Form


We invite you to join forces with us and together we can seek to improve Indianapolis by seeking to improve its Neighborhoods.  If your Neighborhood Association would like to join with us, please print the Membership Form, fill it out, and mail it to us along with your $20 annual dues.    Space is also available if you would like to make a contribution.  McANA is a 501(c)(3) organization recognized by the IRS and all contributions are tax deductible.


Our address is:

PO Box 1082, Indianapolis, IN, 46206.


Membership is for the calendar year.



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